Wednesday, 3 December 2008


in our lesson today I have been looking at the history of typography, and letter forms. I have learnt the formal words used in the real world, such as X height, Baseline, Meanline. all these words have a meaning and I now know these principles.

Text can look different to the way it is layed out,, so I have looked at different fonts by researching on the Internet this site has hundreds of fonts designed in there own specific way. the other website I looked at was . I have looked at the way we use leading or line spacing, and why we now call it line spacing instead of leading. leading refers to placing blocks of lead between the wood to space the gaps,, this is a old method. leading now is more up to date with the use of computers, as they work out the gaps for us.
Also today I have looked at sans serif and serif fonts. Sans meaning not there. A serif is the bit on a letter that flicks off the end. It is known that Sans serif is better reading for dyslexia.

the first screen shot here shows a ink drawing of what I had a go at myself, useing Ink and a thick brush. the second screen shot shows a me adding my drawing to photoshop cs3, then I changed the threshold to a average weight where more black is visible, this brings out the ink more and also helps me to trace round it useing a vector pen tool, in illustrator.

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