Wednesday, 16 September 2009

summerise design

After watching the following program,

I knew and understood why the two students were sent home from Paris.

This was because he wanted more from them, he wanted to hear and see more of there thoughts as a product designer.

being able to design is not just about designing a chair and then sombody sits down on it,

it's the thought and ideas that go into the chair before the design.

For example who is the chair for?

where is the chair going to be after it's designed?

What material makes a good strong chair?

The look of the chair, (style) is it for a hair salon?

What colour is the chair?

Is it for a child or adult? female or male?

These options have to all take place and that is what this program was all about.

Interactive media design

In terms of Interactive media design, where does all this fit in.

During the video he gave the students a project, the project was to goto a large store and bring back 2 products that represent, 1 of the following Function, gender or ecology.

He chose this project because he wanted to understand how they understand.

When designing for the web, we also have to design a online product for users to function with,

From watching the video we can use his research methods in the same way, for example, instead of going to a shop and buying products, as web designers we can simply go on the Internet and look at sites for inspiration.

we can take screen shots of sites that might come in handy for our own development,

By looking at others work will help us think about the design, just like the the students did in the store.

The Chair rule applies for us webdesigners too!

who is the website for?

where is the website going to be after it's designed? = internet

What content makes a good strong website?

The look of the website, (style) is it for a portfolio webpage?

What colour is the website?

Is it for a child or adult? female or male?

So this method applies to not just product designs but to all designers.

By Lee Blair.

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I Teach Interactive said...

Some interesting comments. I am glad you made the connection between product design and interactive media design. There are many parallels.

I think you could look deeper on the question - where is the website going to be? Of course it will be on the internet, but more specifically, it will be on the user's computer. And this understanding leads us to then consider the design implications of not knowing the specification or software of the user's computer.

So... if the location of the chair will affect its design. What affect will the spec of the display computer have on the design of a website?

And if you don't know the spec of the user's computer, how can you still design a website?