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10 audio with photo or video examples.

This website is aimed at young people who enjoy playing online flash games. There main purpose was to advertise there flash games and to increase there visits buy advertising these games.
In-terms of sound this particular game a "balloon game" where the user has to pop as many balloons as possible before the times runs out. The sound in this game has a background sound which is a fast paced sound, this type of sound pushes the user to run more quickly around the game which makes them think time is running out.  The designer has added a sound on the balloon when the user pops it. This communicates to the user that they have succeeded due to the "pop" sound and the animation of the balloon being exploded on the that specific sound tells them that they have scored 1 point.

This website is of  cafes menu.
The sound in this site is optional for the user which I liked, because not everybody enjoys sound on a website.
at the bottom right hand corner of the site, the designer has made a smaller user interface of a old fashioned music player which aesthetically communicates that this cafe is a old traditional cafe.
The music player Plays a old song which even myself didn't recognize and the designer even gave it a crackling effect to the sound as if the track was over 50 years old. (or this may have been the original track.) 
When looking at the style of the website (colours  shapes and font styles the audio track really fitted the websites purpose, it gave it a sense of traditional war time food. 

This website, a Video production company, have used audio feedback to show their users what they have to offer. 
 when I entered the site There was a TV in the top right hand side of the site which was displaying a old black and white film, the audio feedback I got was this website is a film production company.
When I hovered over their buttons sound changed to meet the content within the graphic that was being displayed.  Phone graphic communicated a ringing sound which communicated that this button refers to a contacts page because of its type of visual and audio communication.
This type of feedback is useful for those who are blind, as when a blind user hovers over this button they would hear the relevant communication needed and therefor click further if i was necessary for them.

Click on the link above to hear the sounds in the website.

This website is about a 3d animated program. 
The backing sound on the website is reflected on the style of the characters, which makes the characters look more interesting, funny and as they are 3d animated characters, the audio helps the user understand there personality due to the mischief and   type of music. 
When hovered over the navigation bar a sound of a xylophone is heard from a low note to a high note from left to right.
If we listen to the background music, it contains a xylophone in certain bars of the audio track.
The navigation bar sound fits well with the background sound, and the user can interact with the background sound by playing along with this using the navigation xylophone sounds.
I Personally like this idea as it is a good idea to attract the user, as I was playing with this for quite sometime.
However I do feel If they Can go to such length to add a good sound on the navigation bar 
and on the background then they should add a small sound, maybe another xylophone sound when The user hits a button and a new page is displayed. 
This will will let the user know there page has been clicked from that extra sound.

click above to here website sounds.

7 pagesdesign world leading interactive company 
uses futuristic sounds to give people a sense of there modern skills on offer.
There background sound Reminds me of Watching a episode of the "X Files". 
 I think the audio sound is to scientific for there needs.  Although the Flash is very good and advanced I think people would get lost on this site due to an over crowded  design and the use of  to many dark colours near each other clashes. There seems to be no space to breath, which only makes it more frustrating for a basic learner. When I hover over a button The sound changes to a futuristic button type sound.  This is helpful for users as this will let them know what is happening in this site, and where they are being directed to. 
When I clicked on the "launch web work button" they provided me with a new sound (phone ringing) This type of sound communicated to me that they were dialing up a connection while they connect to a host or file.
my conclusion in this site is , I think the sounds are relevant to the website, However I would still believe the background sound to part of a science website, martial art page or a magicians website not a interactive media site.

click above to hear website sounds.

  On load this website loads a navigation bar with each button displaying it's own sound as it enters the screen.
The sound of the menu forces the user to look and go straight to the interface.
This idea works because I went straight to the menu after hearing those sounds, so I knew there was more interactivity from the menu. I hovered over the "about button" and the button rolled over which had a very faint click on the rollover state. This gave me audio feedback that I was using this button correctly and for any user who is blind they would of found this button from listening for a faint click, and remembering it next time they visit this page.
Once the faint click told me I was rolled over I then clicked the button and I heard another different sound which was this time fainter then the first sound. this sound's purpose was to tell me I have been successfully been directed to the page I was looking for.
n the top right hand corner of the website they have made a menu for displaying background sound on or off. I spotted that they have uploaded two different sound files.
The first is "K-Pax" is a pop / rock audio track, and the second is a track named "21 Grams" the most suited track for the content of the website is "21 Grams" because it is more of a calm acoustic feel and the track lets you feel relaxed while viewing the site, also the style within the graphics is floral which is reflected by this.
When I changed the track from "K-Pax" to "21 Grams" the track played as normal but as I changed to a different page on the website the track instantly changed back to it's default class.

I found this Method a waste of time, as there is no point in having a track changer if you cannot select a specific track and view the rest of the site, while listening to that track. 
This problem can easily be solved by declaring a sound type variable in flash action-script.

click above to hear website sounds.

This website uses audio feedback to communicate when the uses has hit a new page in the site. The designer uses click sounds as the user is more commonly aware of these types of sounds due to when buttons are pressed in, they make a simple click sound. The user would be unaware if the sounds were of a dog barking or a car starting up. The only time this would be expectable is if the content within the site is reflected with the audio.
My conclusion on this site, is the navigation bar needs more audio sound. What I mean by this is it is missing audio feedback on the rollover state. If this site had audio feedback on the rollover state the users would find it more helpful in a interactive form, and more enjoyable to navigate around. This also applies to blind visitors, the fact they cannot see means they rely on audio feedback, so they need every bit of communication possible to help when navigating. 

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio in the game below.

This video came of rainbow has realistic sound effects that make you feel as if you are actually there fighting in a war.
The background audio contains Casino sounds from bandits and money being won. this communicates to the user that they are inside the location they should be, when the user moves out of that location the audio sound of the casino faintly disappears into the distance the further they move away from the bandits. The user can tell when there is a explosion near by due the feedback the audio communicates. Users can also communicate to each other using blue tooth head phone sets,  by using these they can communicate through audio to other team mates and inform them of plans or trouble near by. 
When a gun is fired the sound is heard instantly, If an enemy is nearby by at a distant a gunshot sound will be heard but at a faint level just as if in reality.
This makes the game more realistic and interesting to play, it also shows how well game designers are thinking to even think of programming a time delay between gunshot sounds.

click here on the link, to hear the games

When listening to the audio in this video game, It gives you the feel as if you are driving the car.
I noticed that when the car changed gear and the rev counter dial moved up, the audio sound changed to a different sound, making a sound of a gear changing. 
In the background there is a There commentator's voice which is clearly heard to the user.
You can here the sound of the crowd cheering and shouting as the car continues it's way around the track, this creates more of a interest in the game for the user making the game seem more believable and realistic.
if the game had no sound and was played with just a visual response there would be a different reaction, because when we play a high definition game like this, we react on both senses, our sight and hearing. Games of today are made to make users not only have fun but to educate users by making them do certain tasks. These tasks are are both visual and audio combined, the user may need to hear a message to get further and complete the game.

|Microwave interface from task 1.

clear here for audio sound on the Microwave.

click here to hear the audio in the micro interface.

the sounds in these buttons are very clear, they let the user know clearly that they have been pressed. a blind user would know these are being pressed from the response of the beep the buttons make.
a deaf user would see on the LCD screen of the interface that from what there putting into the screen is shown visible by text.

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