Tuesday, 10 November 2009

action script for loading a webcam into flash

here is some action script that I have been playing about with in flash action script 2.0

This script is to be placed on the first frame of your timelime.

you must import the a new video from the main library by clicking the top right corner of the library and then clicking new video. export for action script.

copy and paste this simple code.

c = Camera.get();

explanation of what is happening here.

c = the camera , it doesn't matter what letter you use as long as you delare the same letter later on in the code. as this is a varible.

the we say webcam as this is the name of the video
.attachvideo(c); all this phrase means is that the box on your screen named webcam, will attach the video named (c) which is your camera.

have fun!

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