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identify and select 2 contemporary (interactive) and 2 historical theories or methods of communication and compare them.

Historical communication

 The history of communication dates back to the earliest signs of life. Communication can range from very subtle processes of exchange, to full conversations and mass communication. Human communication was revolutionized with speech about 200,000 years ago. Symbols were developed about 30,000 years ago, and writing about 7,000. On a much shorter scale, there have been major developments in the field of telecommunication in the past few centuries.
The first Paintings

Cave paintings
more then 30,000 years Cave paintings were the first historical paintings ever to be produced on the planet, they were a way of communication, by drawing images with animal blood, or using stone to engrave onto the walls.
These images tell us today how the cave men lived their life's, through visual communication, and narrative story telling. By looking at these drawing we can see how they had to kill to survive. 

The Quill
The first signs of letters wrote.

  1. A quill is a pen made from the wing feather of a bird. The feathers of crows, geese and turkeys were the most common kind of feathers to be fashioned into quills.
  2. No single person can be credited with inventing the writing quill. However, the quill does have a long and interesting history, and it was the primary writing instrument for most civilizations for more than 1,000 years. The first letters were sent across england using the quill

    First Use

  1. The first writing quills began to be introduced between 500 and 700 A.D. They were most commonly used in nations that had previously developed either reed paper or parchment and a stable nut- or gum-based ink. Theses nations included Spain, China and Japan and most of the Middle East.


  1. The writing quill was slow to take hold in Europe. Because most Europeans used animal-skin paper, it was difficult to use a quill without having it break. This began to change in the 15Th century with the invention of the printing press, and when increased trade made reed paper and parchment cheaper and more widely available.

  2. Decline

  3. Use of the quill began to decline in the 19Th century with the invention of the steel pen. Invented in 1830 by the Englishman James Perry, steel pens could be mass produced and so were cheaper than quills. They were also easier to care for and did not have to be replaced as frequently.

Contemporary communication
The first signs of email


Email started in the mid 1960s and evolved massively with the ARPANET computer network. Messages often got lost and could take as long as a week to reach their destination.
In 1971 the @ symbol was chosen to combine the user and host name, i.e. username@host.
In the early 1980s this was extended to include the domain i.e. username@host.domain which could then be further divided to This standard for email remains today.
In the early 1980s, SMTP was developed to provide a more efficient protocol. SMTP allowed a single message with more than one addressee to be sent to a domain. A local server then copied the message to each recipient.
1988 saw the first authorised use of commercial email on the Internet.
In 1989 the CompuServe mail system was connected through the Ohio State University network.
In 1993 AOL connected their system to the Internet and email became global.

The first signs of texting.

SMS text definition.
(Short Message Service)

The first commercial SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network as a way of communication in the United Kingdom on 3 December 1992, from Neil Papworth of Sema Group (using a personal computer) to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone (using an Orbitel 901 handset). The text of the message was "Merry Christmas". The first SMS typed on a GSM phone is claimed to have been sent by Riku Pihkonen, an engineer student at Nokia, in 1993.

Evaluation on Historical Communication.

The cave man

The first Historical image shows life in the first man times, around 50-100,000 years ago, before the ice age there were man like creatures that lived in caves, these people had to find ways to communicate to one another, they painted images in there caves which may have been away of communication to one another, or this might have just been for a hobbie.
There was no english lauguage in this time, as these were the first people, so if these people did speak asumedley they would have had a lauage of their own.
If these people didn't speak they cauld have communicated with their body expressions and their body movement to communicate with eachother.

Evaluation on the Quill

The quill was a successful instrument of it's time, it was light weight and easy to replace.
Once wrote a letter with a quill a messenger or servant would take the letter to it's location.
this form of communication was a long process if the location was from England to France on Horse back.
If the letter was wrote on a Monday and sent that same day it would take around 12 days for a reply if the messenger was traveling to France and back to England.
This form of communication worked but it was a very long process if the distance was far.

Evaluation on contemporary Communication

As email developed it became easier for people to keep intouch with each other, and communicate from other countries with the click of a button.
With Email we can order new products, speak to our friends, register on a new website, or even pay your home bills with the use of Email.
Now email is a global source of communication without Email there wouldn't be a third world we have today.

Evaluation on the use of Texting

Since the first traditional phone to the first mobile phone, phones have been able to do the one thing we want them to do , which is to make a phone call. But over the last few decades phones have been becoming more of a fashionable icon ("who's got the best phone") ? This is because technology has got much better in the 21 century and mobile phones have been able to give people better results.
One of these results is the (SMS Texting.) which has had an impact on the whole world.
before texting was invented people would ring to communicate but now just about every person who owns a phone in the world has the texting function on it, this means people prefer texting then ringing, as it can be cheaper, its quicker and too the point, and you can text as many friends as you like all in one go!

Compare Historical with Contemporary
cave man and the texting

After looking at the Historical cave man, there only form of communication was speech and body language, this is a big influence on the world today as we still use these methods to communicate in our own life's.
But when comparing this to the texting we use today, it is not all that different only the fact that we have the technology now and the cave man didn't.
We still communicate through words in our texts and add a few symbols that the phone adds for us, if you think of how the caveman drew symbols in his cave to communicate with eachother, we are not all that different.
But when comparing these two forms of communication the best form of communication is not through texting, it's through the caves man style, which is speech.

Compare Historical with Contemporary
The Quill And the Email.

After looking at both the Quill and the Electronic Mail, theses two methods are both a way of communication, they both deliverer mail and they both send mail back.
people still use the quill, now a pen method, when sending bills through the post, or maybe a post card to a relative, this form of communication is related and dates back to the quill times.
The Email However is a much more faster way of communication, users can write a message and send there note to there friend instantly.
This form of communication is much more powerful if your in a business and you want work to be in on the deadline.
Also with Email you can attach files, so if you need a file for work the next day you can email to yourself. where as you cannot post yourself an Electronic file through the post box.

So which is best.
Well i have to say the cave man theory is a better way of communication then texting.

Because speaking is better then texting.
Sometimes people get their texts mixed up and send them to the wrong person or they send the wrong subject, This proves a poor lack of communication.

However the cave man point proves that a good face to face chat can be a better result. but this depends purley on the subject of chat.


Email is most definitely better.
you can do the same job as the quill 1000 times faster, and you don't need a servant to post it.
Also you get a responce withing seconds.
Email is the future of communication.

Define criteria for measuring the Effectiveness of communication.

The effectiveness in terms of communication principles is that email is a powerful way of communication, email is becoming the future of communication as the Internet is the now third world we live in, but it will never be a better form of communication then speech, as speech is direct to the person and more formal, or straight to the point.

Select two examples of interactive media and report on their effectiveness as a means of communication.

The Interactive Dance Mat

This piece of interactive media is a contemporary arcade game and also a game that you can buy for home use.

In terms of communication, the user stands on a soft mat, that has pressure pads in four corners, these pads act as the input sensors that react when the user stands on them, and the information is passed on to the game which tells the program a message, then the program replies back to the user through it's well designed interface. It will respond by asking the user what steps to do next by showing them arrow movements. As the user copy's these movements in time with the music , they gain a score.

So the user communicates through visual communication and audio communication.

The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a great interactive familly game for all ages. In terms of communication the game is played using either one remote or two, or even mutiples can be added.

The Nintendo Wii is an innovative system and part of the 7th generation of video game systems .
The Nintendo Wii is an interactive system that relies on wireless controllers. The wii remote can detect any acceleration in 3 dimensions and a sensor bar to capture all of the movements and buttons that players use when using a compatible remote.
You communicate purely through using your body movements and actions as if you were playing a real sport or activity.
You need to be able to see to watch what is happening,
a deaf person cauld still play, but a blind person would have to play off the audio sounds in the background.
When playing a cursor on the screen is controlled by moving the Wii remote and actually pointing at different menu choices on the screen. You can also control the menu options by using the D-pad directional buttons.

You must stand to use the games and mimic the moves that you are creating on screen. ( play the games as if you are actually there) Examples include bowling, tennis, shooting, throwing, and a lot of leg activities by using the Wii Fit board.
Comparing the Wii and the Dance Machine.
The dance machine is aimed at those who want a good dance, where as the Wii is for family and friends who want to socialise and have fun on a saturday night. In terms of the communication the Dance machine communicates through it's interface, buying showing the user animated clips of movements. However the wii is much more spysial approach. The user uses body movements to communicate with the Wii sensor.
The Wii has an overal better out then the Dance mat, as the dance mat, can only provide two people per play, whilr the Wii can provide up to a whole familly, The wii also has special options where you can connect to the internet using Wifi, and communicate with online users, by playing interactively with them, this is the genoration for game design, being able to play another user wirlessly in another country is a new form of communication. which makes the Wii a better form of communication then any Computer game.

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