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This peice of media is a short animated film by recent creative graduates It’s a tale of the sun, moon and two characters who inhabit a world that relies on night and day.

“The greatest challenge for the designer was conceptualising all the mechanics and creating a logical and valid system for the sun and moon’s cycle. they must have gone through 20 re-writes of the script and endless designs for machinery before settled. Although the story is ultimately fantasy, the mechanics of it still had to seem possible in real-world applications.

This particular piece of 3d animation shows the concepts of what 3d animation can do when thought about.

The form and looks in this design show a modern day car transformed into a robot.

its shape still has car features, however ergonomically we see it as a futuristic robot, its purpose is to show the public and people who are interested in buying this type of vehicle that it is the best car out there.

By mechanically showing the car transform into a robot, gives a unimaginative impression to the public and forces them to think "wow" "this car is for me" however we all know cars don't turn into robots.

the semiotics signs here is that Nissan want to sell there new car by using the advanced 3d animation effects.

showing impact, power, strength, and a car that has great adaptable transformations.

Evaluation for 3d film.

Toy story was released in 1995 and was the first 3d animated movie to become successful of that time.
since then 3d animation has become much more advanced becoming almost photorealistic to the human eye.
In the toy story film here we see high quality use of charature modeling. the charatures are made to look like toy dolls, so the texture applied to each doll looks different, buzzlightyears texture has a shiney material and plastic surface texture, however woodeys clothing is made to look raggy and rough, so by giving him a rough texture and patterns give the effect to his type of epearence.
in the image we can see that woodey is pointing and laughing directly towards buzz. If we look at woodeys pupils, notice they are positioned on buzzlightyears wings.
the semiotices to the image is that woodey is laughing at buzz because he is actually jelous of his spart space suit, and scared that his owner andy, might replace him with a new toy.
what we are seeing here is all of the above , is taken place from a long story board into one single scene.

As years grew toy story was left behind and animation got better. it is the year 2010 and 3d animation is at its best,
Shrek 4 is soon to be released, with high qualitly graphics and 3d modeling from the top company of pixar.
The image to the left is a sample of how 3d animations look today, taken from shrek 2.
In this image we can see their use of form to construct the hair, the fur is of high quality, this type of rendering would contain dozens of pollygon counts. aesthetically we can see high quality use of lighting in the eyes that reflect light from another space.
this term is know as ("indirect lighting") They have used shadows in areas to the left side of the cheak where light is coming from the right side.
They have made their charature look emotional, upset, or begging, due to how the paws are up tight and holding the hat near to the face. the eyes cast off a watery glow that shows the charature is about to burst into tears.
Note also the mouth is sad, with no smile. The designer has made the charater with these semiotic meanings to play that specific part in the film.

what is 3 dimension in context to animation

Lets start with two dimension. two dimension is when the image or animation is flat and only has a height and a width but no depth.

Three dimension, in context to animation is when depth is applied to the width and hieght of the animation. this now becomes 3d.

Four dimension, gets more complicated and involes applying time to the animation or object.

and then you think it stops there but it dosn't.
six dimension is when you apply space to your animation.

examples of aesthetically driven visual driven communication

The design here, is a warning sign, a message, that tells the viewers one thing, (racism) The image reflects with the whole text, in a way that has impact on our emotional side.
aesthetically this design speaks without the words. If you remove the words you have a man with a bleeding right eye, this symbiotically tells us that he has been violently attacked due to RACISM. So the image here is working, however as for the text format this took me a few attempts to read read it, I think this is due to the way my eyes have to flow to read it.
I personally think that this isn't a good way of laying out the composition for the text, as it's not a fast reaction if the you want the user to be able to get the message across quickly.
However I would say that I would try a better composition by having it positioned down the right hand side of the graphic in a column format. This type of design is a similar layout to Neville Brody's work. having looked at some of Neville Brody's work and this design is simular to his work However Neville likes to comunicate his ideas through words.

This would have been produced in photoshop or a similar photo editing program.
They have produced a building background, with text on a blue sky that says "urban land scape" and
a fighter plane with a rainbow in the

to finish this design they have added butterflies hovering in the foreground.
Ergonomically I think the design here tells us this is facts of urban life that communicates city life and pollution, it's main purpose is to show peace in a busy polluted city. when we look in detail at this image mechanically the buildings signify a urban city life. The rainbow signifies this is a green peace act or concept to help save the world. The air craft is a sign of pollution, that is placed over the rainbow, which is destroying future life, and the designer has thought of this by placing butterflies on the concept to show the nature of life.
I am puzzled why the designer has changed the colours of two of the butterflies, this is a implicit reason where the viewer has to decide, If I was to decide this choice for the reason, subjectively I would say that the black shows death in the butterflies due to the pollution, and the pink is the butterflies which are still alive. This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

I picked this design because this is a good example of a peace that is too over crowded and can spoil the composition in effect to the aesthetics in the graphic.
the graphic just looks like a designer has not thought about what they are doing and dumped a whole load of images into a heap, In terms of visual communication, the only communication i can get from this image is the designer has used allot of nature and urban life visual language to communicate facts of life.

The stop sign is a semiotic meaning which says "stop"

This is a function to us that tells us to Stop! doing something.

in the graphic the designer is trying to communicate a message that is reflected to pollution, as the visual language here is both nature and economy, the colours in this graphic, are almost rainbow like, as a rainbow can be a symbol of peace, environment or protection.

Their is little space in this design which doesn't let the eye wonder much, Ergonomically the viewer is fixed on one area, and they won't know where to fixate next.
This is due to the composition and layout.
This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

This modern vector illustration, communicates to the audience in a more visual approach, as there is no text in this design the viewer must understand what is happening only from the images in the illustration. in terms of visual language in a subjective form, I believe the artist has an emotion or love for birds, this is a explicit meaning.
The design is not only communicating love, but piece and relaxation.
subjectively there could be a story behind the design, being the reason why it was made, but this is a implicit answer.

The shape is floral. which relflects on william morris's type of style.

This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

When viewing this peice in terms of aesthetics, The designer has used fresh geen colours which symbolise a natural feel of life and nature.

The fact that their are plant life and flowers is a sign of peace and freedom.

When looking at this image in terms of layout we are vocost on the woman holding the bird, as this is the main centre of attraction.

My personal thoughts on this is , I can understand what the designer is trying to communicate, However I think some of the patterns in the sky do not look like they need to be there.

This particular piece is similar to the design above, The visual language is a vector based imagery, the use of line in this artwork is very perspective, it is a very Sharpe piece, that includes warm colours., the use of shape in the sky reflect on what is happening on the ground. aesthetically the whole design has a well formed composition that helps the eye flow around the picture.

The woman in the image has a white top with a sharp lightening bolt graphic, this is a semiotic meaning that is linked with the sharp lines in the design.
In terms of mechanics I think the designer was communicating places shes been also she is demonstrating her skills in graphic design. I feel that the designer has used work influenced by Brigit Riley shown below.

This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

This design by brigit riley shows use of line and shape,
the tone has a graduation from light to dark which makes the centre of the piece look nearer and the sides look further away.
when we look at this peice we see black lines on a white background which are curved slightly to form a flag like movement. The symbolism is almost like an illusion, if you stair at it for a few seconds the lines begin to move down the page.
the colours are very contrasting and standout together making the effect work well.

This peice is a more digital modern style with use of aesthetics to show the form of the overall look.

when looking at this piece

This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

The Bouncing Bunny design shows a visual design of movement and energy This design uses a bright pink background with bright bold colours that helps contrasts the text from the background.
the composition is set out in a format which helps the user flow through the text in the direction in which the designer forces them to.
However even with this design it has no imagery at all, the design is made to make the viewer have a implicit imagination.
(As the user reads the word Bunny he / she automatically thinks of the little sweet bunny (this is the signified meaning)with big ears, ) what the designer here has produced is a rabbit with bunny ears from to letter types, "P R" and added smaller case lettering with a curved effect giving the effect of a bouncing bunny. These simple changes to this design have given the design more energy, looks and a quality logo with signified meanings.

This design piece communicates a message in both a text and visual form.

The designer here has used the word "cube" for his
By aesthetically communicating this message across, the designer, has implied his message by producing tiny cubes to make each separate letter of the word "cube".

Ergonomics = how we see it function and purpose.

when the viewer sees this piece, we instantly read the text "cube" before we look further into the design.
After looking harder with our visual and creative parts of our brains, we start to understand how and why the designer has developed the word "cube " we then see the mechanics side of the construction that is built from tiny cubes.
The semiotics.
The meaning to this design is to show the word "cube" in a visual response by using tiny cubes to make a image of the word. The choice of colours are not symbolic but are contrasting colours which stand out well on the background colour.

This particular piece looks like a self portfolio for their work.
The colour of the background is a warm lust colour, this a good colour when wanting to express your self in this way, because it makes the work look welcoming to the viewer.
The sparkles of light which surrounded the model, make show that our attention should be on her.
In the top right hand corner shows a duplicate graphic of the model set at a low opacity, this is placed in the space of her design, which tells me it could be a semiotic meaning of her past or even future. It is a implication that's not know.
the rainbow pattern in the background has been bent around her which may continue, the pattern communicates hope and a symbol of posistive thoughts.

This piece of artwork shows a cubism style effect in the design, the form and colour is almost surreal.
The colours used are bright and look as though they have had flash photography added to them to get full effect. the background texture is a cloudy atmosphere possible created in adobe photo shop or a free editing software.
In terms of visual communication the image does not tell us a huge allot as there is no text or hidden clues to help and guild us. So this particular design could mean any think to a viewer. Subjectively I think this design can mean power, magic, force, energy, or it could mean a soul is trapped within a force.
I think the designer left this for the viewer to decide and find a implicit reason behind this piece.

The designer has made the character look like this because he / she are intended to scare.
by doing this they have used various techniques, the first techniques colour, the colour is a cold night blue,
a good colour when trying to show fear.
Also he has added the moonlight in the background which reflects light onto the foreground of the character, this shows realism and gives the design depth making it look 3d.
The stance of the charater is positioned in a attack look, this has added energy and a bit of action to the design.
Aas we look at the image we see light on the character, this is due to the moonlights rays coming down on the character, if we look into the background where the light is not visible,, only black this is called tone, the duration of dark to light.
we can see the areas on the character where there are few examples of tone, due to shadows and patches of light.
The forth area we look at is Line. in the background we can see examples of line used to make the trees.
In terms of visual communication, this graphic communicates fear, horror, it communicates a message and could remind people of a bad graphical memory of what they once seen or imagined.
or it could remind people of there favourite horror movie,
when I see this graphic, subjectively I see horror, I see a nightmare I once had, and the character here signified me of my dream.

In term of semiotics this design means fear, be afraid frighten and to scare.

This peice was taken from Digital Arts.

The design here, shows not only a graphic image but also motion, movement and type.
The designer has aesthetically used objects to in a 3d visual way to recreate letters, as we look at this we use not only our visual part of the brain but also our thinking and problem solving part to find our the puzzle in this design.

The background colour, is a clean white trustworthy colour which is light in contrast so all forground objects will easilly be visable.
The word "machine" which the objects write out are clearly created to show machine parts, and moving mechanics. The designer has produced a spring to form the height of the letter H, and a light build for the letter "I", which when lit the light forms the dot on the letter i. We know it is a light due to the wire which makes the rest of the letter. The wire continues down the page leaving the viewer to imagine the plug socket to be there.
This design comunicates

The image here, taken from a from a magazine , shows, a sign of trust. The black hand up against a white hand. communicates a message about racial harmony?, The semiotics behind this image is to inform people that race needs to stop. however the fact that the white hand is larger could be a possible sign of abuse on children.
My personal thoughts on this advert, is designed to show peace between cultures, to prevent the young from suffering.

This image appears in an ad branded with the Benetton logo. Is this an
appropriation of multi-culturalism?

Neville Brody,
This piece by Neville Brody shows a abstract form of graphic design, the logo communicates the letter F in a symmetrical point of view.
Neville has used contrasting colours to communicate this, by using yellow and black.
Aesthetically, yellow is a eye catching colour and stands out positive on a dark negative background such as black.
The logo is based on a box form, this works because the two sides of the letter F is a right angle, when joined together this makes a full four sided shape

If we look closer, his use of shapes in design is really secondary to the real force behind his designs, the typography. Properly applied typography can give a piece the feeling of strength, anger, angst, excitement, monotony or even tranquility. Large, bold typefaces were chosen in pieces for clients like Hankook, TF1 H1ts and Mindzone to evoke certain feelings and emotions from the viewing audience, and there is no doubt the desired effect has been achieved. In Mindzone’s project for example, our eyes are drawn immediately to the text on the screen as it has become human nature as a result of the computer age to read what we see before we actually “see” the whole picture. As human beings, we are all about information; how to get it, where to get it, how to find it and what to do with it once we get it. Neville understands the importance of this concept and takes full advantage of it by using cleverly placed and styled text to draw our eyes towards certain areas and away from others.

this design by neville brody again use's contrasting colours in bold lettering to stand out on the forground.
The word "wake up sir" appears to be a short sentence. neville brody has designed a graphic to go with the text, The graphic communicates a a man wakeing person up of the floor. we can see the man is lying on the floor as his stance is level with the charater shouting above him. The stance of the charater shouting has a arched back with suggests he is shouting with force from behind him.
The fact that we can only see one half of the charater on the floor is a implied meaning that makes us think why, I personally think the reason why he placed only one half of the charater is because when we look at the composistion, we do not need to see the other half as we know he is lying on the floor due to his posistion.
so by seeing just his legs is enough visual communication, this is a implicit communication, where the user decide sfor themselfs.
The space in this graphic is very creative because brody has made space look like the two characters are in a room. he has posistioned the words from the centre of attaintion leaving a blank area of yellow space, making the viewer think the charaters are in a room
This peice was taken from google images.