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This peice of media is a short animated film by recent creative graduates It’s a tale of the sun, moon and two characters who inhabit a world that relies on night and day.

“The greatest challenge for the designer was conceptualising all the mechanics and creating a logical and valid system for the sun and moon’s cycle. they must have gone through 20 re-writes of the script and endless designs for machinery before settled. Although the story is ultimately fantasy, the mechanics of it still had to seem possible in real-world applications.

This particular piece of 3d animation shows the concepts of what 3d animation can do when thought about.

The form and looks in this design show a modern day car transformed into a robot.

its shape still has car features, however ergonomically we see it as a futuristic robot, its purpose is to show the public and people who are interested in buying this type of vehicle that it is the best car out there.

By mechanically showing the car transform into a robot, gives a unimaginative impression to the public and forces them to think "wow" "this car is for me" however we all know cars don't turn into robots.

the semiotics signs here is that Nissan want to sell there new car by using the advanced 3d animation effects.

showing impact, power, strength, and a car that has great adaptable transformations.

Evaluation for 3d film.

Toy story was released in 1995 and was the first 3d animated movie to become successful of that time.
since then 3d animation has become much more advanced becoming almost photorealistic to the human eye.
In the toy story film here we see high quality use of charature modeling. the charatures are made to look like toy dolls, so the texture applied to each doll looks different, buzzlightyears texture has a shiney material and plastic surface texture, however woodeys clothing is made to look raggy and rough, so by giving him a rough texture and patterns give the effect to his type of epearence.
in the image we can see that woodey is pointing and laughing directly towards buzz. If we look at woodeys pupils, notice they are positioned on buzzlightyears wings.
the semiotices to the image is that woodey is laughing at buzz because he is actually jelous of his spart space suit, and scared that his owner andy, might replace him with a new toy.
what we are seeing here is all of the above , is taken place from a long story board into one single scene.

As years grew toy story was left behind and animation got better. it is the year 2010 and 3d animation is at its best,
Shrek 4 is soon to be released, with high qualitly graphics and 3d modeling from the top company of pixar.
The image to the left is a sample of how 3d animations look today, taken from shrek 2.
In this image we can see their use of form to construct the hair, the fur is of high quality, this type of rendering would contain dozens of pollygon counts. aesthetically we can see high quality use of lighting in the eyes that reflect light from another space.
this term is know as ("indirect lighting") They have used shadows in areas to the left side of the cheak where light is coming from the right side.
They have made their charature look emotional, upset, or begging, due to how the paws are up tight and holding the hat near to the face. the eyes cast off a watery glow that shows the charature is about to burst into tears.
Note also the mouth is sad, with no smile. The designer has made the charater with these semiotic meanings to play that specific part in the film.

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