Monday, 1 February 2010

aethetic visual communication that I like.

This modern day website, has been aethetically designed to sell apple products, The sites form is made of few colours, manley black/grey and white. White is a trust worthy clean colour being the main background as this is a colour that reflects on their company products such as the I phone and apple mac computer. They have made it clear for there main header "i MAC" by having a black heading in larger font size so this stands out to the viewer.
this site is made to look neat, clean and tidy, just like there products they are advertising, as it's main purpose is to sell.
They have enlarged there image to half the size of the screen size, they want their there users, to see there main product as soon as they enter the page. This will also be a communication of remembrance to the user. The title centred left of the graphic is clearly visible,,and has a black on white modern font, possibly Aral, This communicates that there typography is clearly visibility through out there website and there online products.
The navigation is designed horizontally, this is because their products have built in user interfaces which display horizontally. also the future of the web is becoming more like this now.

source taken from

designer Mondrian, source google images

meanings are, your favourite, bands.

meaninigs peace


paint splatter

head phones

3d bottle design

the chair looks like it would snap if sat on

shelf with the shape form look.

love repect, and peace

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