Wednesday, 24 February 2010

how do you create a stunning photo shoot in photoshop

To create a stunning studio photo shoot look like the shot on the left, I have organised a few simple tricks and tips that will help you on your way to a great shoot.

your check list
  1. The first thing you need is a good quality camera a minimum of 8 maga pixals,
  2. Secondly you need a location or suitable place for taking shots, a large empty room is ideal.
  3. Some lights or lamps is recommended for creating good lighting effects, withing the shot.
  4. A blue or white background is needed for lighting conditions and this is also easier when the editing process takes place.
  5. last but not least you need a volenteer.
setting up

taking the shot

when taking the shot, be experimental, and try, lots of angles, or different poses. and face expressions, (this depends on y
our type of shoot)

editing your shot.

After you have taken your shots, save them to a pc in the highest quality.
The next few steps I am going to explain how to develop the shot into photo shoot image.
  1. open your image in photoshop,
  2. save the file anything you whish.
  3. duplicate the layer that it is currently on. so you have two of the same.
  4. turn off the visibillity of the first layer.
  5. now you should have one layer open, with this select the marquee tool and gentley cut your image out until complete.
  6. once complete make sure marching ants are still selected, if not go select reselect. if the marching ants are still marching, then go to select feather, and apply about 6px in the box.
  7. by doing this little trick it will add a very nice featherd edge around your image of 6px or whatever gap you decide on.
  8. after you added feathering, select the move tool, this tool enables you to move any selected property on its layer, so move the selected cut out image onto a brand new document.
  9. now with your cut out you can start to add effects,
  10. to get the photoshoot effect, it is a very simple process, I started by warming up the face as this is the main feature in the shot,
  11. to do this click on image ajustments hue satuaration, and play about with levels.
  12. Next you want add a very soft shadow in the background, behind the body. to do this i created a duplicate of the body, and changed the brightness and contrast, and lowerd the opacity to about 35 %.
  13. once you have done that your image is almost complete, to finish off I flattened the image added a warming filter ontop of the final shoot.
hope this helps.

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