Thursday, 4 February 2010

Life with Touch

Life with touch, is getting more advanced as the years go on, Apple Mac were the first to introduce this feature, bringing a whole new aesthetic form and inspiration to the whole world.

The Ipod and iPhone are today's biggest touch features that are both user friendly and the usability appeals to all.

touch screen continues not just with Ipods and phones but with graphic tablets, The Mac tablet, enables users to to not only draw on a tablet, but still use it as a touch screen interface,

This design is the future,
the aesthetics and overall ergonomics in this design so advanced that it scares me to say " what will touch screen be like next year, or even

Technology is moving so rapidly that it's true to say, that the above image, was out of date the minute it was released on the shelf,

The innovation of technology, and the future of interactive media can never be stopped, only developed.

All we can do is enjoy the media and explore it's uses while we are present.

By Lee Blair.

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