Monday, 1 February 2010

andy warhole

This design by andy warhole shows use of aethetic form and function, he has demostrated how colour can have have a high contrast in work. I personally like the use of the pink which reflects in the way he has used to highlight the eyes,
andy has used various techniques when producing this peice, he has shown his style of colour, in a way of bright patchy colours that compliment well when painted next to one another, he as used tones in areas where the light would not be visible, (shadows) this adds to the graphic by giving it more depth and making it look a little 3d.
the use of texture is also applied in the hair, we can see techniques of differnt tones and shadows in the hair, he has also used a methods called hatching in the direction in which her hair flows, this creates a natural look of real hair.
The visual communication here shows us Maloylns portrait which is now a iconic image to the world.
Andy has used
the Visual language behind the communication influences artists of today, and influences woman who She could make a girl feel better about her figure maybe...seeing as she wasn't stick thin by any means. I think also, maybe she does not influence the youth of today directly, but she does influence the press and magazines.

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