Monday, 1 March 2010

(branding) what are the atributes of a brand

A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, association, trademark or design which is intended to identify the products or services of one provider or group of providers, and to differentiate them from those of competitors. A brand has functional and emotional elements which create a relationship between customers and the product or service.

The image on the left is the original image of the Nike logo,

The Nike logo is a Well known brand around the world.
The iconic symbol is no less then just a tick and works on any product that it is applied to. in order for this brand to work successfully, Nike use the same form and shape in the logo through out it's appearance.
If this logo was to be transformed in anyway then we would see another logo not the Nike logo. However when changing Nike's colour it does,'t effect the brand as we still see the iconic symbol in our heads, This is when we add aesthetics to the design, to meet the target audience.

The Nike logo is a basic form of shape, that shows speed.

This is an example of how a brand can be applied in fashion.

The Nike brand can also be applied in posters and advertising. The form and look of the brand is still the same as the first image.

Brand attributes can be either negative or positive, and can have different degrees of relevance and importance to different customer segments, markets and cultures.
Pepsi are one of the biggest drink brands on the planet. with Brands all over the globe, from tv adverts to posters and drink products.

branding applied to a product.

branding applied in advertisment.

Brand attributes are the basic elements for establishing a brand identity.

O2 are one of the biggest phone companies in the world, this is due to their use of branding and advertising.
There logo is very basic and simple but yet successful.
Their colour scheme works for every product they advertise in.

the brand applied to a product

a example of the applied in fashion.

The brand applied to leaflets.

O2 brand applied to packaging.

o2 website, includes branding.

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