Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The impact of hardware components, in 3d animations.

The impact of hardware components, in 3d animation.

GPU The GPU known as the "graphics processing unit" it is a small unit that basically transforms the image we see on the monitor. The GPU is a bit like a translator which speaks a different language and passes the language onto another person in another language, until it makes true sense.
it relies on the graphic card and converts all digital and graphical information from the game software into a image that we see on the monitor.

image taken from www.dignews.com

CPU, The CPU Known as the "central Processing Unit" is the main part of the computer without it it woldn't work. A CPU is a example of the human brain. Our brains tell us what to do and when to do it, just like a CPU does, only we input to the monitor and the CPU tells the whole computer the rest.

RAM known as "random access memory", this basically allows your system to have more memory while having more applications open at the same time, this can improve your over all system performance.

known as "hard disk drive" or the "hard drive" The hard drive, is a place on your computer for storage, a example is like your loft, when you place items up there until you need them again.
The hard drive is where all your files are stored including files that you never see such as drivers which are used for controlling pieces of hardware.
some computers are split into two hard drives a C drive and D drive others have just one.
Hard drives are getting much bigger as computers get better, this is a advantage as we can now have higher performance software's running on our machines.

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