Wednesday, 7 April 2010

unit 12 animated icons and effects

Please refer to folder work aswell.

This image shows a animated loader of a colour bar which communicates your correct BMI.
The signification of colour lets the user know how well or dangerous their health is.
Red is a sign of danger blood, or a fear zone, so by using this colour communicates to the user they are obese.
Green is known to us as a safe colour for example before we cross the road at a set of traffic lights we wait for the green light as we know this is safe.  Green can also signify freshness and nature. If the user is in this area they automatically feel safe. However the yellow is a area where the user is in-between to sets of communication. This is like the driver at the traffics lights on red at a static position and he / she are getting reading to move on amber. In our case the yellow means your body needs to maybe lack a little of the red to make up for it's green, and this way they will feel more healthy.

A animated preloader idea, which I produced for the BMI

This is a animated preloader that I produced in Adobe Illustrator before animating in Flash.

Animated Icons, and effects. Some maybe static due to the browser types.

(try other browsers).

Most of these animations are short Giff animations, made in Photoshop or a simple editing program such as Paint Shop pro. All we are seeing here is a series of images split up into frames, and played at a fast speed of around 12 - 15 frames per second good enough for viewing on the web. This technique will give the viewer a short animation.

The trick, is to find a certain point in your frames where you can loop over and over to repeat your animation.

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