Monday, 14 June 2010

After Researching BMI sounds and sounds which are related to medical sounds. I have made a list of  ideas of uses for audio feedback in my interface.

Idea 1 

My interface will be based on a set of scales, which a person would stand on to test there body weight.
To display a audio message, I am going to design an interface layout on the scales, which the user can then click on a button to select there height weight and BMI.
once pressed these buttons will play audio feedback based on the research I have found, such as the medical sounds, and the audio sounds I have produced will show this.

The sounds I have decided on are clean and sharp sounds which also tell the user these sounds are quick, they don't need to be long and boring, it is just a sound to let the user know the button has been pressed down. and have some form of medical ring to it.

in the interface, there is a section when the user clicks on a large button, this is the BMI button.
once clicked a different sound is played.
 I have spent some time deciding on what sound to use for this particular section in the design, as I needed a sound that would not only have a medical ring, but also a sound to the user as if it is loading content for them.
This sound is the main sound that they will want to hear. I've experimented with a piano using the low keys, of the piano, and basically produced a tapping effect sound which sounds like time ticking away.  This audio will be played when the user presses the BMI button and waits for their Result.

Idea 2
 For my second idea I have thought of designing a bathroom scale so the user feels at home,  (like in idea 1 ) and when the user enters there BMI details, their would be a Button at the top of the page which would say "Click here for BMI" and when hovered it would content a audio file of one of the files I have produced during my research, this would let users know they have come to an interactive part of the site and there is a further page behind this level.
when the user clicks on this button, then another sound file would be communicated to the
 user. This will basically separates the rollover from the hit state for the user which will help unexperienced visitors easily use the site without getting lost. 
This is also helpful for a blind user. as they will be able to hear the difference between the two sounds.
When the BMI button loads the information on the screen a sound file will be played.


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