Sunday, 20 June 2010

Critically analyse interactive media products

The ipod touch has taken off to be one of the worlds greatest selling phones.
But when using the product there are some issues that I am going to discuss further. 

When a user buys one of these phones, they exspect all things to be working correctly but neally 35 % of users are having problems with there screens, some say that it don't work at all while others say it is just in specific parts of the screen when touched. A quote here from a user has had the same experience as many. taken from website

"A friend wrote that the whole top section of his iPhone is dead. It doesn’t register any touch at all. Investigating further, it appears that some iPhone touchscreens have started failing. Symptoms begin with lack of touch response in either the top or bottom strip. The problem is being referred to as dead strip."

This is just one fault of many another problem these phone encounter are

people say that the iphone brings up error messages when trying to update information.
Others say that there Iphones have missing functions and are unable to view certain files.

The most common iphone problem is shown below,

"One of the mostly faced and most common ipod touch problems is the performance of the ipod touch as per the expectations of the users or customers. What does it mean when we speak of the performance? It means the freezing of the browser sometimes in the middle of the operation. This freezing of the browser results due to slow operation of the processor. As per the survey conducted it was found that in order to deal with this problem customers have to reset or restart the ipod touch."

The Problem I see with the Iphone, "is that it is getting beyond what it was designed for" For example where has the original phone gone? the issue is this, a computer is a big piece of technology and when compressed inside a phone this is when we are seeing issues.
However computer parts are getting smaller and neater but we are still not ready for this innovation yet. I believe more time is needed before we can see a better improvement on the Iphone before releasing it out into the public.

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