Saturday, 19 June 2010

Evaluate BMI Calculator

Evaluation on BMI Calculator

During the research of this project I found that After looking in depth at different audio sounds and button sounds, I began to think how I could produce a sound which would reflect and communicate a BMI sound.
I produced several audio examples using a keyboard microphone and a mixer which was based on my research.
I tested my outcome by letting 10 people here the sounds i recorded, which then I asked them

"describe one word when thinking of this sound,"

There feedback Shown Below.
sound = click
  • tin can          The average was click, 
  • click
  • tapping
  • foot walking
  • pen dropping
  • click
  • pen click
  • tapping
  • finger click
  • light switch 
This was a good sign because I wanted the users to know this was a click sound, as I was looking for a clean sharp quick audio sound that shows the users they are on the rollover state of the interface.
When building the interface I encountered a few problems.
One of the main problems of this design was the action script within the BMI calculator.
The action script required a math function which I had to work out on paper first, when I solved the equation I had problems with the if statement.
Basically the in the if statement I wanted the code to run through the math part and get to the if statement, then say if  (BMI = (<25> 30) "BMI gotoAndPlay "this"); I got a bit confused with the "greater and less then" part of the code, this caused a problem because the code was being directed to a different movie clip, but I solved the code in time and the BMI worked the way I needed it to.

I added extra content to the calculator by turning the calculator into a BMI website, this was not required by the brief but I changed this because the calculator looked very bare on it's own.
with the required content and images and using aesthetics to change it's form I produced a clean looking user friendly BMI website. 

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