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report on the applications of interactive media in industry

The ipod touch is a well known interactive application, for it's use. The Ipod touch touch has had increased sales due to interactive media apps. The apps are created by other designers and downloaded to the web. There are now thousands of apps with all different purposes.
They have constructed there layout in a interesting format which is usability friendly.
The interface displays visual icons that refer to the content they are displaying. When the user touches there specific icon (apps) then a new section (page) is opened.
The way the ipod scrolls down pages and documents is very unique as it has a function within the phone that lets you scroll with ease. This basically means that when the user scrolls and lets go then the ipod will carry on scrolling down all the pages until the user touches the the screen again. (business)

This website is of a personal portfolio design.
The site is designed to show off there best portfolio examples. In terms of sales the designer has used her skills to show what she can do by turning her office into a illustration and making it interactive.
when I hovered over the draws on the desk they opened out and displayed a message which I assumed was the main navigation menu.
This was produced using movie clips inside button components so when hovered it would display the the movie of the draw opening.
There was also other interactivity as when I hovered over the lamp shade the light came on. By doing this added a little humour and more entertainment to her portfolio. It has also shown what she is available of creating in flash.

(leisure) This interactive piece of technology is well known in gyms.

In terms of entertainment the machine is not designed to entertain but to help your body lose weight. However the interface does keep you entertained by keeping you informed with how much time you have left, and how much weight you have lost. The design and looks of this computer is based on a rectangular shape just like a TV.

The purpose of this design is to input your details into the computer using the buttons below the LCD screen then you are to choose a running mode from the button which is displayed "mode"

once your mode is selected the run will start and the user can adjust the level of the workout with the positive and negative icons shown at the button of the LCD panel.

The reason why the user understands this is because of the icons displayed on the buttons.

This website is of the ford website, the sales in this site is communicated by using a brand new ford car to help promote their sales.

The website is designed to sell and advertise new cars, in doing this the ford car in the main banner attracts attention as this is a brand new car in there range.

below the main banner the website displays more images of the latest modern cars which they have on sale. this will help there sale increase as the user will be able to come to this site and browse for a car for themselves.

They have accomplished this by using a high quality photograph of there latest car and using it as there main banner. they have used a blue gradient background which flows around the body of the website this communicates to the user that ford is a high quality car sale service.

Please click on the link below to see this website.

A report on interactive media in the industry

When the user first logs into this website, the user does not expect to play a game before entering this site. There website contains allot of data and information so they had to think of a interactive way of keeping there customers on the site while there site content loads.

I think the way they have approached this idea is very clever that will keep the user occupied and they have the users attaition, for the whole time the preloder loads which certainly works. This idea also shows the user how well they can produce flash games so already they are proving themselves well.

Once the site content has reached 100% of bytes and is loaded, the graphic shows a Ipod in a persons hand. The ipod touch is the latest generation of phones out at this current time, so this communicates that this design team is on track with ideas and innovation.

This graphic would have been produced in a software such as fire works or photoshop and saved as a PNG 32 or equivalent for the web.

The hand would have been taken using a high resolution digital camera and then edited using photoshop or fireworks.

When I moved the pointer and clicked on a navigation button I noticed the button changed. It had sunken in and a finger was placed over the Rollover state. They produced this to make it look as if it was being pressed down.

This really made me feel as if I was actually using the ipod touch virtually.

As I released the click on my mouse the finger disappeared and the graphics inside the ipod transformed into a new room.

I was not expecting for this to happen, as I thought I was going to be taken to a static page, but the new page turned out to be very interactive.

As the Page loaded I noticed everything inside the page was interactive I have noted a few visual cues which first caught my attention. Such as the woman on the office chair turns her head around as the page is displayed. the visual cue communicates to the user that this area is to be clicked as there is more info,

The TV flashes and changes colour which communicates to me that they want me to click here as the TV might display some interactive content.

There is a dart board in the far background which shows that they have made a game for the user to play.

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